Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!


Welp, I have seen loads of you upload your own “artwork” based on Chicken Invaders, and I’ve got to say, even though I initially made this post to share mine, most of it looks good! (anything I liked will have a heart from me :heart:)

Anyway, here’s another round of mine:

And this last one is special, I just recently made it, based around @BCMediaPlayer


This is how CI5 was meant to begin. Exclusive footage.


@anotheruser12 That looks awesome!

Here’s a batch of my four most recent ones

Also credit to @BCMediaPlayer for a couple of the spaceships, @xXmlgDiegoXx for the Retro spaceship and to @doctor_hummer for the Bat-Chick


I think the hero got tilted hahahaha.


@InterAction_studios should provide us with all the sprites from all the sides, so we can make more fan art. I know that we got almost all of them but I’d like to have Henterprise from the back or Egg cannon’ s front view… etc.


even though this isn’t that ci i thought it would be good if it was here.

made in


Have you seen these?
Maybe my character WOULD work in an episodic game!


The Egg cannon confrontation, original story.


EA invaders: Ruin the game

[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders

100 Wave: Revenge Time
Henterprise fixed and upgraded, General Chicken protects Portal from Unknown Galaxy…

Unusual Energy Balls support Bubble Shield, and this thing can shoot laser… (Lightning is Useless, but for Darwin Awards it’s good
General throw 5 knifes in different angles
Sorry for english…


I repost here my fanart


Stop insulting, and what do you mean “ruin the game”?!


Uhh CI6?. There will be your employees for chickens.


I’m back! Here with yet another round of my work.
The first one is based off of the 20th anniversary of the release of Chicken Invaders 1 (I made it in anticipation, as the anniversary is in July 6!), the rest are plain random.


Anyone remembers this guy?


Here’s a new one

Also, if you’re wondering who is the one piloting the H&C-brand spaceship (considering the one in the M404-PI is Recruit 11 (named by @BCMediaPlayer, and yes, is the hero from the episodes), that’s Recruit 22 (yes, an OC), you’ll be seeing more of them later.




we have done an interview with U.C.O #1 about people asking IA for a nerf, and it’s answer is:


The newest one from me. For this one I tried to use as many ideas from both the forum AND from the CI wiki. Credit goes to the makers of all of these assets


Is that a minecraft pickaxe satellite