Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

sus chocken

this is my new idea . (Currently, 3 people liked it.)

No one asking about your idea bruh.

who asked? and thisistrueuser and Luisgamer2021

I meant who asked you to advertise your topic here

Oh carefree! This is the only way to be seen!

Ok wut?

As you heard

Thank you for answering absolutely nothing to my question.

Everyone can see it in the suggested topics, don’t need to post it here.


did i tell you to advertise i just say that your idea is good

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hey guys i have an idea

Then create a new thread of it, just do not post irrevelant stuff in other topics that have nothing to do with what you are saying.


I was working but I do not publish things, sorry for that, what I said

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Now normally I would just ignore your fucks but holy shit, Do you really think you could just take someone’s drawing, degrade it down into a piece of shit and get away from it easily?

Delete this anauthorized, uncredited shit now.