Possible bug with the Hend Game boss

The Hend Game boss has 5 phases of attacks, 2 from the top of the screen and the rest from the other sides. At the beginning of each phase, the boss uses the big laser to attack. On easy missions you can do a damage progress to the boss very quickly. Lets consider that the laser animation is available for ten seconds and you do a 20% damage in eight seconds. The boss is retreating fast to switch the attack side, but the laser continues to work for the remaining two seconds and you can also be hit by it. The laser should stop when the boss is retreating or should follow the center of the boss until the retreat phase is completed. Now you will see a laser that comes out from nowhere :)). I don’t think this is available when you kill the boss completed after the last phase, but in the middle phases is available.


This happened since ci5

I dare to disagree. I see absolutely no reason why iA woudn’t be able to fix this.
As @cristian14292 said, make the laser turn off or make the source follow the ship when it’s retreating.


Didn’t realize this would be such a common occurrence. Fixed in v.15.


Why only the hend game boss have increased speed and ect. What about the other encounters? They are for filling?

I’m pretty ſure they only appear at eaſiër difficulties. I get this from a vague recollection of reading about it, but I don’t have the link. Sorry.

I realy want to see mirored version of the planetary egg city. @InterAction_studios What about that?

Sure. :slight_smile:

@Traveller: Correct. Only the Hend Boss encounter appears at difficulties 80%+.