Positron Stream rework

soo i have idea to make Positron Stream are more better
soo at fp0
will start at 200 damege
and every 1 fp
will add more 80 damege
so in fp10
will deal 1000 damege
and when hit fp20
add more 100 damege
soo will be total 1100 damege
if you want too add more about Positron Stream
just reply


Already suggested CIU weapon balance program - Part 3: Plasma Rifle & Positron Stream


Yeah, it’s already suggested.

(reply to GTTOP) Lemme just put it in a more neater way for you:

Positron Stream starts with 200 damage at 0 firepower, which is the default. But instead of increasing the damage by 40 per level, increase it by 80 per level. It will hit 1000 damage at firepower 10.
For the transition from Firepower 10 to max, make it increase the damage by 100. This will make it do 1100 damage at max.

Positron is good for waves, but VERY WEAK against bosses. The damage buff will make boss fights a lot less tedious. At the least, you can reduce the split beam damage to go from 66% to 33% of the main beam’s damage.
For example: 1100 -> 733 -> 366. 1000 -> 667 (not 666 :smirk:) -> 333

Please consider this, iA. Positron is in need of a damage buff. Against a single target, it’s worthless, but against multiple enemies, it’s amazing.


ok i know but IA didnt rework this so i repost it


Changed in v.50 :medal_sports: Idea


Shouldn’t this go to GTTOP or Galbatorix? (Or all 3)


If you think so.

It was unclear to me because there’s no mention of this in the linked “already suggested” post (CIU weapon balance program - Part 3: Plasma Rifle & Positron Stream). So I can’t really tell where it was originally proposed.


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