PORTALS in the “spawner spinner” levels

So my idea is to add some portals in spawner spinner, in the hard difficulties you struggle to get into the other side of the wave especially with Bx

So what about adding portals on the sides of the wave like this

disclaimer: the portals won’t be look like exactly what I Drew and they will be smaller

•You can teleport after 3 seconds from the last teleportation

•if your spaceship were upside-down then the portals be on the top

It will be good idea because you won’t struggle to shoot all the chickens come from this type of wave

What do you think?

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You killed the main element that makes this wave hard by those portals


Im trying to make it fun for others I think :thinking:

yeeeeah, no

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a new mechanic just for this one wave?

Maybe those portals will be used for new waves in the future


i would add anomalys instead… i hate this wave it should be removed if it stays like this in my opinion


Well, if every wave in the game was too easy, it’d make the game way less fun.

I’m not trying to make this wave easier as some people thinks

Well, I’m trying to make that you can shoot every chicken in this wave, without changing in difficulty or anything

I’m making this idea because almost all of us ends this wave in 90% of progress meter or less

Also it is very possible that you die from a chicken while you are teleporting from portal to another one


But that’s still making the wave easier.

There are some people who can even kill all the enemies to clean sweep this wave. At high difficulty, it’s very rare to be able to do it, so I don’t think that’s good.

iA give from add danger zones from middle this one annoying random.

Totally agree

that’s the main point for the wave

(it’s made to be complex)
(everything can ´ t be easy)

Teleportation mechanics do not (and cannot) work properly when using the touchscreen “point” follow method (and also in any case where warping the UI pointer around is not allowed e.g. Win10 apps)


@InterAction_studios i have another idea

What about making that the chickens bounce in the screen without leaving it until the player kill them so we can clean sweep this wave easily

It will remove Clean Sweep. If a wave allows enemies to escape after a certain time, it means the specific bonus is possible to earn in the same wave.

We need Clean Sweep, so no.


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