Pop Star Chicken [Boss Concept]

So I was listening to some pop-star related musical themes and a boss idea came to mind.

This boss would in some ways function similarly to the Magnetic Manipulator, in the sense that the elements they manipulate will be moving between foreground and background.

Visually, I imagine the boss would be a female(looking) chicken likely dressed in pink or similarly pastel colors, probably have a large bow on it’s head and holding a mic. In the background around the top of the screen, a crowd of regular chickens flies around, focusing on the pop star rather than the player.

Basic Behavior
In essence, the pop star mostly doesn’t battle directly, rather (s)he sends hearts (or notes) into the background that infatuate swaths of chicken fans that come to the foreground and begin to hunt you for their beloved. The number of fans can be exhausted and if there are none left, the boss will toss those same hearts(/notes) at you.
The boss him(her)self hangs around the top of the screen, moving between the left and right side of the screen randomly, and when it takes more than 10% damage.
Potential Attacks

Fans will approach in different micro-formations:
○ “I” formations, number of formations and chickens in formation varies with difficulty 3x3 at the easiest.
○ “X” formations, number of formations and chickens varies, 2x3 at the easiest.
○ Scatter - a number of individual chickens arrive at the top of the screen, then move around independently, bouncing off the edges of the screen.
○ Defend - chickens assemble in a circle around the boss as a meat shield. This formation automatically activates at 50% and 80%.
○ Shield - chickens form up to make a screen-wide 1-3 chicken thick barrier separating you and the idol. Formation automatically activates at 50% if Defend doesn’t.

If all chicken fans are depleted, the boss will attack by tossing out 3-7 hearts(/notes) in a spread or line fashion.

Thoughts on the concept? Do you think it could it be pulled off in any capacity or is this idea just a fever dream? I’d imagine if it was actually made, the whole “chicken fans in the background” would be scrapped and chickens would just fly in from off-screen instead with an inexhaustible supply, but I digress.
Thanks for reading!


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