Poll: Which is harder

Note: I’m strictly talk about their original versions, not in remastered or in CIU.
Also, please tell me why you think your choice is harder.

  • Mother-Hen Ship (CI2)
  • The Yolk-Star™ (CI3)

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if will hate The Yolk-Star™
  • Yeah. always from spam DPOs from teminator chickens
  • No. for nothing

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It’s pretty obvious. No need for explanation.

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The Death Star is hard enough, even with disregarding the Terminators that spawn in every quarter. Its beams increase in area as it travels, making “floor” fighting (camping the bottom of the screen to fight, think of Squawk Block behaviors) difficult, making you get up close to fight it.

In CIU, the difficulty is cranked up to 11 in harder difficulties, especially against the seven beam version. You barely have enough space and you’ll have to pay attention to at least 3 immediate lasers.

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Motherhenship from CI4 is way worse than Yolk Star on higher difficulties, it is painfully slow

CI2 MHS is bad but not as bad as Yolk Star. CI3 MHS is easy enough even on hard mode but the Mysterious Egg is PAIN.

skill issue. there are always a pattern where you just follow to dodge everything.

“The Yolk Star” boss in Chicken Invaders 3 is more challenging than the “Mother Hen Ship” boss in Chicken Invaders 2 due to several factors. First, the Yolk Star has a wider variety of complex attack patterns involving faster projectiles, multiple simultaneous attacks, and unpredictable movement. Additionally, the Yolk Star’s attacks often cover a larger portion of the screen, leaving less room for maneuvering.

Second, the Yolk Star has multiple phases with varying attack patterns and mechanics, requiring players to adapt quickly. This adds an element of surprise and complexity that the single-phase Mother Hen Ship lacks. The transition between phases in the Yolk Star fight can catch players off guard, making the battle more demanding.

Third, the Yolk Star’s attacks are more relentless and persistent, leaving players with fewer opportunities to recover health or dodge attacks. Its attacks can fill the screen more densely, making it difficult to find safe spots. In contrast, the Mother Hen Ship’s attacks are somewhat slower and more spaced out, allowing players more room to avoid damage.

Furthermore, the Yolk Star’s overall movement is faster and less predictable compared to the slower, more straightforward movements of the Mother Hen Ship. This makes precise positioning and dodging more challenging in the Yolk Star battle.

Overall, the Yolk Star boss in Chicken Invaders 3 is harder due to its varied attack patterns, multiple phases, faster and more relentless attacks, and unpredictable movement, making it a more intense and demanding encounter compared to the Mother Hen Ship in Chicken Invaders 2.

Generated by my dear friend “Chat GPT”.

The pattern is indeed tough. And you have to monitor your own weapon at the same time. Plus Yolk Star is somewhat randomized.

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