(POLL) What is your favorite Boss?

Here are all bosses from all Chicken Invaders games! (starting with CI and ending with CIU). I gave up different varieties of Big Chickens (CI3) and Sweater Chicken (CI3), but instead I gave them a variety that occurs in CIU. I am asking for 3 polls, but it was impossible.

  • Big Chicken (CI1)
  • Sarge Chicken (CI2)
  • Big Chicken (CI2)
  • Mother-Hen Ship
  • U.C.O. A
  • U.C.O. B
  • U.C.O. C
  • U.C.O. D
  • Blast from the past
  • Mysterious Ship
  • The Yolk-Star
  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s definitely a bird.
  • Giant Robotic Space Crab
  • It’s the Mother-Hen Ship!
  • Twice Infinity
  • Attack of the Giant Crab
  • Planetary Egg City
  • The Alien Mothership
  • Shoot the Core!
  • The King of Crabs

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  • The Iron Chef
  • Chicken Multiplicity
  • Egg Cannon Confrontation
  • Henterprise Hencounter
  • Special Forces (Military Chicken)
  • It’s Party Time! (Party Chicken)
  • Terror from the Deep
  • The Henperor’s Apprentice (Chicken Vader)
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Boldly Goes Wherever it Pleases
  • Ice Cubed (Ice Golem)
  • Brothers Reunited
  • Giant Robotic Space Crab v.2.0
  • Fly the Coop (Hen House)
  • Hend Game
  • Show’em who’s Boss!
  • It gets cold in space (Sweater Chicken)
  • Master Squawker
  • Henlley’s Comet
  • Bossa Nova

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  • Magnetic Manipulator
  • Big Chicken (120th Anniversary)
  • The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade
  • Chicken Exponentiality

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  • Crazy Squawker
  • Feather Brain

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As many votes for Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade, why did you choose this boss because it is interesting and difficult? I even like him, but he’s not my favorite boss. :wink:

It’s pretty hard and fun to fight it

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I also added Crazy Squawker and Feather Brain!

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