Poll: What CI game do you enjoy the most?

Time for a new poll, because the last one was too unanimous!
This can be for any reason, be it weapons, story, wave design or bosses.

(Excluding Universe, since it’s still in early access and isn’t finalized yet. That, and it borrows heavily from 3, 4 and 5.)

Favorite game in the series?
  • Chicken Invaders
  • The Next Wave
  • Revenge of the Yolk
  • Ultimate Omelette
  • Cluck of the Dark Side

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what about ci72

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Here’s the door. Leave your jokes there.

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But it’s not a joke. CI72 is indeed a good fan-game, even has a plot.



CI72, fun for all ages

definitely ci72

Woah, there’s way more skewing in this poll than I expected.

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Have you ever tried ci72

I completed it 100%

clark man and cwab is too hard how nerf

clkar was nerfed adn cwab bufd

Chatting Place exist

naw ucho rammwed 1!!1!!

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We’re still on-topic though. It’s about CI games.

Uh, no… is that bad?

also what is it I feel like I missed something important

Fan game, ask someone for alink. Essentially a meme game made by Emerald, its made to be a intentionally bad copy of Chicken Invaders. It’s fun.

It was made as the 72nd game

Indeed, but I’m not surprised

Wow CI4 is way up there

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