Poll: Special bosses & boss rushes

Which of the ‘special’ mission bosses should be included in Boss Rush missions? (You can choose more than one).

Bear in mind that the Boss Rush mission may use a different environment that the boss’s ‘native’ environment (for example, Alien Mothership will appear without the green retro starfield)

  • Alien Mothership
  • Henlley’s Comet
  • Bossa Nova
  • Master Squawker

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Justify your choice below.


what about master squawker?

Both Bossa and Henley is the best choise.

I’ve added it to the choices, although I’m not sure how the screen restriction will work for this one.

:warning: The poll had to be reset due to the extra option. Please vote again.


In my opinion, Boss Rush missions should have all of the bosses.


I voted Henlley comet mostly because being it into boss rushes was a part of my original idea

(I’m agree with Emeraldplay, all bosses should be in boss rushes)


It’s been a long time since I faced the alien mother ship, I would have liked to find it in the boss rush

I suggested it earlier, but non-native bosses could have some intro sequences. Perhaps even some with dodging?
Something like the Alien Mothership coming out of a black hole appearing, multiple comets passing by to reach Henlley('s comet) or even some explosion for Bossa Nova.


Master Squawker is bad idea because you can move freely

You could be forced to bottom of the screen.

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All of them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Should be very interesting to see the retro boss with a variation of color


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