🕹 Poll: Satellite auto-fire

Do you usually play (either CIU or any previous Chicken Invaders episode) with “Satellite auto-fire” enabled?

  • Yes (on PC and/or smartphone)
  • Yes (only on smartphone, but not on PC)
  • Never

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I usually play without auto-fire


Yeah, pretty much got used to it. It didn’t feel okay because i couldn’t disable it. I would suggest if for the android version of CIU there could be an actual “Disable auto-fire satelites” button. So you could fire them manually. Way better for those who want the No satelites in the entire mission medal. Like a button for the missiles, but close to the firing button. And if the 2 fingers mode is activated, the button to fire the satelites would be near the missiles’ button.


Mmm, Satellite auto fire going to Brazil?

Are you from Brazil?

CI4 CI5 app is not change mode satellite auto-fire

I have to say that my vote doesn’t represent my weird situation.

When I used to play on mobile I let autofire on

And that was also the case on my first months of pc due to the fact that I had a laptop and no working mouse (it was easyer to play that way with a touchpad) but I disabled the setting since I don’t usually pick satellites anyway (why wanting to lose points?)

Right now I play with the setting turned off since I’m used to not use them. I think that it is a setting for beginners and not for hardcore or veteran players

Last time I played the android games, I don’t think there was even an option to disable this feature. So while my answer is technically the second one, realistically I’d disable it everywhere if I could.


On the Android (idk is this have in iOS yet or not), i can’t turn off the auto-fire of the Satellite, they always auto fire when i try to firing the weapon. So i hope iA will fix this. I can’t found how t change that in Options → Control → Player controls
Here is the picture that this is the only way to change the firing of the Satellite:

When i tap to the Satellite fire, it like this:

So i hope iA will notice this (CI5 has the options like this too)

Note: Ye i still have CI3, 4 and 5 on my Android smartphone, that time is before Google Play deleted these game. So i decided to keep them until now. But i can’t play these game anymore because while i’m playing, my Spaceship sometimes auto move or auto fire the Mines, i can’t control my spaceship. So i think i hope iA will soon to be have an update to fix everything for less lagging. Thanks


You can’t even disable that on smart phones, especially when there’s no button made for firing a satellite.


I remember Going for a no-sate’s run on mobile is painful, I need to dodge the bullets AND Avoiding the satellites at the same time.

hmm…I think we should remove “Satellite auto-fire” button (stupid idea but…most people don’t need to turn on that option because it’s not useful)

Yeah, no, ‘‘Satellite Auto-Fire’’ isn’t for me at all.

I don’t think it’s for anyone. Bird-flu and ICBM become basically nonexistent because they are wasted in the first 2 or 3 waves. I don’t see how this option helps anyone. People only use it because it’s the default option.


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