[Poll] Make bosses' tentacles collidable

The title pretty much says it all. Do note that it might make double teams significantly harder as you won’t be able to fly through UCOs arms to avoid some attacks.

  • No
  • Yes, for UCOs and Chief
  • Yes, for UCOs, Chief and Crab arms (Crab’s possible, right?)

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Is it just me or someone in this poll accidentally vote for the first “yes” option? :thinking:
Also, imagine if iA would remastered CI5, and this backport also applied to jellyfish boss…


I mean the second “yes” option :sweat_smile: (the third option)

No because going through tentacles is cool, also sometimes it’s just straight up necessary so this feels like the game would just force you to die.


No, leave it like that
What will you do when you gone to the tentacle because you was going to almost die?

Well, I agree about this idea anyway, since flying through a moving part of bosses that should be deadly is quite… uh, unreasonable?

I agree on the chef’s tentacles, but not the Crab’s one.

Well, I can’t fully agree about tentacles being collidable because it can make DT harder.

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