Poll: Keep Christmas assets in v.32 update?

I’m planning an update to CIU over the weekend (I know there’s not much new functionality yet, but it includes some important changes with regards to lost profiles).

Question is – should the Christmas graphics and music be removed from this update? Or do you want to keep them until the next one (in another two weeks or so)?

  • Keep Christmas assets
  • Remove them

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Can we keep the music at least, if we vote to remove the assets?

Some of the christmas themes are pretty good.


Only 1 week, but problem. Need turn off Christmas graphics and music remotely, because need again download new update

I know that this was already suggested, but you could add Editions as a new category at the Galactic Store in wich Christmas Edition is in and if you activate Christmas Edition everything will be like the christmas changes of v.31. You could activate it in something like the sattelites or like in CI4/5 store.


How about new year graphics?


There isn’t New Year edition of any InterAction Studios game. I know he could make the images, but New Year is too close to Christmas in time.

Remove them, it’s been past january 6th, so christmas chickmas decorations should be gone.


7th is still Christmas btw