[Poll]How old are CIU players?

Let’s see how old we are!

  • <10
  • 10-15
  • 15-20
  • 20-25
  • +25

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teen army rise up

Uh, did everyone answer honestly here?

That is a surprise! I tought the fanbase was older!


I think no becuse i saw someone was changing his vote 3 or 4 times

I am right between 15 and 20(18YO). Cant be more honest than that.

Only 29 Voters?! Come On!

It’s a good number for 3 hours. Still, you won’t get much more. (I only got 40 on my topic)

Actually, it’s fine
Look at 15-20. Nice.
Edit: Damn it.

15-20 but i look like a 25+ man lol

25 here and people tells me I look like 18.

What a surprise, I thought galbatorix would be older.

95% of the 25+ are lie votes.


I clicked the wrong one


If you hide results, you can change your vote.

‘︿’ Im 17 lol

Imagine someone being 20, he can pick which group to choose.

Poll should be made like that: <10,10-15,16-20,21-25,>25


Wow you young people making me feel very old. Well no I just am old!
I have raised two kids playing this silly game but I like it! Kids are 20 and 25 when the were little they would sit in my lap and do the shooting (space bar) I would do my best to do the flying part going back to the original chicken Invaders then 2, next up revenge of the yolk was my favorite I still like the version but no-one ever available to play multiplayer anymore so lost interest until I came across this one.
I am 54 will be 55 in November…True story!!! I got enough old to cover everybody looks like

Let’s also not forget that right now on the forum are more “serious” gamers. We’re not the general audience of the game. So that poll won’t tell us the truth.


Yes you are right,my mistake :slightly_frowning_face: