Poll: Do you still play episodes after CIU released?

  • Yes
  • Yes including multiplayer
  • No
  • I’m pirated (a.k.a cracked) it

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Well I do sometimes when you don’t have any internet connection or you just wanna read the entire story again. I generally used to skip the conversations between the hero

I still playing it on mobile, especially at the time my power went out.

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same for me, when threes no internet cuz no pwr

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whever i hate my life, i just play those ci episodes. Without skipping cutscene make my life being worthly because of how funny it has.


“Come to papa”

“Cut that out!”

I tried, even on my favorite method that doesn’t exist in CIU (yet or ever) - local co-op.
Didn’t exactly like it. CIU has improved too much even though there weren’t that many changes. So now I’m waiting for episode DLCs and co-op and can discard the episodes forever.

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In fact that I hardly ever played this game when I was young - I was recently played all episodes at around Feb 2023 when I knew about this game from some walkthough video on Youtube.
Even though now I knew about CIU - I still don’t have a good performance. So I still playing episodes more.

I would if I was using my old computer - it’s the easiest type of game to break into of the ones I still have installed on it. Also the story/lore helps and there are some unique enemies like the missiles in CI3.

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