Police chase wave

It’s like the waves where you have a labyrinth or path made of indestructible barriers (the one where you go bottom to top left-right, and the race-track one), except rather than enemies blocking the way, you have a police ship from CI2 chasing you, and difficulty determines the speed. You have to get to the end of the path to get the police to leave and finish the wave.

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Why the police will chase us?
Maybe because we steal food from space burger droids
Noice idea.

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Sounds like a mini game, huh.

Trading with mysterious merchant to get smuggled goods at low prices.

man i hate that wave.

The police ship can easily suspend us by notifying the UHF, right?

Great idea by the way, but we need more details…

Not much more to say except there is no shooting from either side so it’s just a winding chase

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