Poſſible bug & pricing


I had to things to ſay:

  1. In the galaxy view, when moving between planets, ſometimes the drawn trajectory is angular inſtead of beïng a nice, ſmooth curve. This ſeems to be more frequent (or more obviöus) when changing ſtar ſyſtems. Alſo, I’m pretty ſure that ſometimes the ſpaceſhip follows the drawn line (making ſudden ſharp turns at the corners), and ſometimes rounds the corners inſtead. Alſo, this might be my imagination, but a few of the planets’ orbits ſeemed ſlightly polygonal too.

  2. In my opinion, the poultry paybacks aren’t really worth 5 keys apiece, as moſt of the time I’m too far away for it to do much damage to the chickens. I think either the amount of damage or the damage radiüs ſhould be increaſed, preferably the former.


I don’t think that is a bug. But yeah, I’ve seen it as well, and it bothers me A LOT. Like, you know, it burns me from the inside whenever I see it.

I agree with this one. The Poultry Payback is really weak, mainly because of it’s short range, which should be increased. And yeah, it’s price should be lowered if it won’t be buffed.


ok i know this has nothing to do with what you said but whenever you write the letter s, i read f instead.
I think its coming from you because if someone else says the letter s, it says it normally. I dont want to annoy you but if you can, please try to fix it.


He’s using the long s, an archaic letter which was, for the most part, abandoned by the end of the 19th century.
You’ll get used to it, most of us already did.


See, I told you it wouldn’t take long!

  1. Perhaps we were a bit too stingy with the polygons (worried about smartphone performance). The next update will double the polygons in orbits (the trip trajectory is harder to fix, but it’s on our list)

  2. The next update will also beef up the area damage from 1000~100 (center to edge) to 1500~500