Please do something about this

How am i supposed to get pass this?!!?!

@InterAction_studios please make it less hard i almost lost all my firepower because of this…

That’s what we call an epic wave, and there is nothing wrong with it appearing on hard missions depending on the skill level. And it IS possible to pass it deathless, i did it twice for example.
To avoid those, you can play easier missions and use easier skill levels, like Tourist and Rookie.


In fact, this is probably the only epic wave that I could argue is actually 100% skill based, instead of being a complete RNG-fest.

Also this isn’t really an epic wave, since the original version used Chickenauts anyway.

Haha i died only 1 time on this, because i stay in the middle. Its not very hard.

There are mechanisms in the game that allow you to make missions harder/easier to suit your capabilities (e.g. select easier missions to begin with, or tone skill level down from Superstar Hero -> Veteran -> Rookie or even Tourist)

Plus, I also see in your video that you had 3 x Damage Amps queued up. Did you plan to hold on to them as a souvenir? :stuck_out_tongue: I’d say that this is exactly the kind of situation they were made for.


i forgot that i had this LOL