Players who doesnt comply to the rules for videos

He said that you are big stupid(the last one).

Only? I’m a bit surprised

I will translate the other coments later.


Come on I can not catch you because you criticize me for my videos I do not dictate to me how to edit Yes so my dk does not go into the title early access.
hai sictir f**k the hell of handicapped cars
Part3: You are very big stupid
Sorry but google translate try his maximum :smiley:
About Hai sictir haha, in my country we use this words too. It means something like offensive goodbye: go **** yourself or bye bye **** and so on.
He needs to be mad at me, because i start the ‘‘justice’’.
Whatever its funny, he deserves that.

He really needed the lession

What? He wrote things only to write something?

I have no idea by the way:

How this is a hate?

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New meme appeared: “Not supported hates. Exit from the my channel now!”


Lets hope that he will not appear in the forum.

He is already here:

At least no topics or answers

I mean visit the forum no create account. But if he doesnt, will be better.

This is the only thing he did on the forum.

i hope that one is a 6-7 years old kid

I can translate.
In the first reply he says:
“hey go in hell don’t let me catch you criticising me ever again at the videoclips i edited don’t dictate me how to edit how could i edit well my dick wanted me not to write early access in the title”
In the second reply he says:
“go in hell your handicapped mom”
In the third reply he says:
“You’re a big idiot”
Romanian is one of my main languages so I know it pretty well


I don’t recall reading in the divine comedy anything about a circle of hell for enforcers of terms and conditions…Dante muſt’ve forgotten about them. Oops.

Oh sh*t he goes to my video

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@InterAction_studios Little suggestion, add the terms and conditions (about videos) to the Download Early Access post.

Just block him

Woah, I didn’t even receive a notification from that

Typical 7 year old be like