Players who doesnt comply to the rules for videos

This is the only thing he did on the forum.

i hope that one is a 6-7 years old kid

I can translate.
In the first reply he says:
“hey go in hell don’t let me catch you criticising me ever again at the videoclips i edited don’t dictate me how to edit how could i edit well my dick wanted me not to write early access in the title”
In the second reply he says:
“go in hell your handicapped mom”
In the third reply he says:
“You’re a big idiot”
Romanian is one of my main languages so I know it pretty well


I don’t recall reading in the divine comedy anything about a circle of hell for enforcers of terms and conditions…Dante muſt’ve forgotten about them. Oops.

Oh sh*t he goes to my video


@InterAction_studios Little suggestion, add the terms and conditions (about videos) to the Download Early Access post.

Just block him

Woah, I didn’t even receive a notification from that

Typical 7 year old be like

It looks that he is angry at the game because he is slow mindless.

I think he’s drunk

I don’t think he’s old enough to drink

I was joking

Well, it looks that ChickenCloudy learn from his mistakes:

At least on his new videos the Early Access title is active :wink:


He didn’t add “Early Access” phrase to his old videos.
Besides, is he thinking that he will be unblocked after doing this?

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Little steps

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After that? Watch his new account, its even better than the old one. How did he progress much for that time? I said that because i saw his banned account on the map.

What new account? There’s only one account.

On the other acount the tier was higher. Around 67 IIRC was the tier of his first account. Its really weird for me :thinking:

Look at the tier differences!

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Oh well