Play on 320x200 :v

So small :v but who will play this with very low resolution?

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Maybe people who play on their ſmartphones?

Someone should try and do a mission on 100x100 or 50x50 :slight_smile:

This message sent by challenge gang.

320x200 with 15 fps and all low settings. Don’t cry challenge.

320x200 is a lowest resolution you can play in CIU

10x10 res

I juſt did the “all low ſettings” challenge- minimum reſolution, minimum frame-rate. Never again. I had to play in a window, which was ſo ſmall I couldn’t ſee anything, ſo I uſed the desktop magnifyër, which had its own diſadvantages. I could only ſee the forks I was ſhooting as blurred ſhapes. I didn’t even realize I’d gotten to 20 firepower until I went back and watched the video. All writing was illegible. At that ſcale it’s impoſſible to ſteer ſmall; all mouſe movement is effectively magnified.

I will try ALS challenge next week, want to do top 10 with)

just set to 10 fps and play with 6x speed.