Planeteers, unite together!

After the fiasco in @Davoid 's Planeteers server, I decided to start a new one, for planet reunions! Discord Our planet is Alpha Bellerophon: a cool planet in the Bellerophon star system, in the constellation of Nereides. This planet has a Fortune Teller, a Heroware, an aftermarket, a Space Burger, a hero academy and a Gus’s Gas as satellites! Amazing, right? One day we’ll meet there. Maybe even more than one time.


Srry but im confused, did you say go to Bellerophon?

One day, we’ll meet there all together

I need to go to the nearest wormhole if I want to get there


yes, thank you very much comrade
i appreciate your move

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You’ll also meet some amazing people, and the management is great, so you have almost notihng to lose!

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