Planetary Chickens Enrichment Initiative

Jello there.

Planetary missions are yet to be added, but let’s think about more enemies for them already so they’re not so bland when the waves can finally be generated.

Those are supposed to be just normal enemies, maybe mini-bosses.

  1. Chicken scuba diver
    Location: Water planets
    Description: This chicken will swim around and use his grappling hook gun to shoot the spaceship. If the hook manages to touch the solid ground it will attach and the chicken will move way faster in that direction.

  2. Plant fairy chick
    Location: Underground planets
    Description: This annoying chick will have a chance to spawn from some of the pink-green plants that player destroyed. It is few times smaller than normal chick and moves really fast to annoy the player. The wand is just for decoration. Maybe it can spawn some annoying graphic effects to further annoy player.

  3. Cactus chicken
    Location: Desert planets
    Description: Can’t fly and stays on the sand, but shoots pointy needles that can pierce the metal of spaceship. So better to avoid it.

  4. Ice miner
    Location: Ice planets
    Description: For some reason, chickens decided to mine the ice-stone from the ice planets. Spawns near the boulders and throws ice cubes at the player.

  5. Mysterious turret

    Location: Scrapyard planets
    Description: Chicken found some leftover parts after the Mysterious Ship was destroyed and decided to use them to improve a turret part that detached from Space Crab. It’s no surprise that it can’t move since it’s mounted in the ground, but it can aim at the spaceship to shoot a laser that Mysterious Ship was famous for.

Which enemies should get added?
  • Chicken scuba diver
  • Plant fairy chick
  • Cactus chicken
  • Ice miner
  • Mysterious turret
  • None of them
  • I don’t have any opinion

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I like all of these ideas, they fit in well with existing enemies.

I hope we can see this enemies soon :crossed_fingers:

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