Planet ſurface background

I was juſt flyïng on a hot planet, and it occurred to me that the ſolar glow is completely out of place. I think that the hot planets ſhould have ſome other marker. I was thinking maybe a roſy tinge, but then there’s the ſame problem. Would it be poſſible to have the ſurface of the planet viſible as the bottom part of the background? Then it would be different for all ſorts of different planets, and the ſize could be apparent too by the radiüs of curvature of the ſlice. The main diſadvantage that I can ſee from a gameplay point of view is that ſome projectiles might become harder to ſee in parts of the ſcreen depending on background, but it would add intereſt. Maybe there could be ſome miſſions that are not on the planets as well, ſo that it wouldn’t be too hard to find miſſions on the ſtandard uniform background.


Maybe we should see the plabet at background while in mission.

The image is made by @anotheruser12 not me.


It could be expanded on.

Alien worlds.Its actually a satellite view of the ocean


Then again, it’s unlikely that water planets will make a comeback. Perhaps near the end of Early Access.

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Off-topic but why Traveller writes the “S” in another way?

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The long S is a latin letter, and you can patch any character in your keyboard with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

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When I speaks out loud trelavller’s text, I keep miftakenly faying like thif


Dont worry, he would not come back anytime soon.

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You fure? He might be watching us, even now.

Why are y’all making fun of the ſ?