Planet type Idea

Planet type: Asteroid Belt

On this planet you will only have asteroid missions. the only waves there will be “Asteroids”
The higher the difficulty is, more Asteroids are there and they are faster.
Big Asteroids will have a Chance of spliting into small asteroids upon death.
Asteroids will appear from random Direction.
Small Asteroids will be faster than big ones.
There will be 2-4 boss waves.
The soundtrack will be CI 4 victory music.
And now… the new boss!
Boss wave: Asteroid Shooter.
It’ll drop an Atomic Powerup every 20% with 15% Chance of Atomic Powerup
It’ll be looking like Military Chicken but he will have different attacks and look.
First attack: Asteroids
15-20 Asteroids will appear from top and will fall.
Second attack: More Asteroids! No, Really.
This attack will spawn 1 Big Asteroid and will spawn 3 Medium Asteroids upon death. Each spawning 3 Small Asteroids upon death. Those Asteroids can Bounce on the Screen
Third attack: Help!
It’ll spawn Some Chickens what can shot Asteroids and eggs.
Fourth attack? : Run!
The Chicken will escape when it’s health will be deployed (25% on 2 boss missions, 20% on 3 boss missions and 15% on 4 boss missions) And summon 4 Chickenauts.
When the Chicken will escape and all Chickenauts will die Then there will be more Asteroids.
When The Boss will appear 2nd time, you can kill him (you can only deploy 40% on 3 boss missions and 30% on 4 boss missions.)
The Attacks will be the same, but they will be more difficult (more Asteroids and Chickens, Faster Asteroids)
When the boss Appears 3rd time, You can kill him on 3 boss missions (you can only deploy 45% on 4 boss missions)
When the boss escaped 3rd time, the Asteroids will turn into Fire Asteroids (the red ones)
When the boss Appears 4rd time, it’ll have new attacks
First new attack: Asteroid Defense
2 Chick gatling guns will Appear Being Surrounded by 3 rows of Fire Asteroids. Boss is Surrounded also with Fire Asteroids.
Second new attack: Asteroid Prison
The Player will be Surrounded by Asteroids (safe zone will appear on random place) When it dissapears and player didn’t got on safe zone The Asteroids will kill him.
The player must destroy all Asteroids before they will Charge at player.
Third new Attack: Black Holes
1 or 2 Black Holes will Appear and will summon Asteroids every 10 seconds. The player must Destroy the “Mini Apple Core” on the center of Black Hole. When player Destroys it the Black Hole Dissapears, if not the Black Hole will dissapear after a minute
Hope you enjoyed my idea!

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That’s planned (the planet and missions, that is).


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