Planet heating- if you enter a planet like 10000 times it heats that means the planet will get hot

planet heating idea…

Can you rename the Topic name is planet heating idea… and explan your idea.

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what does this even mean i need a better explanation

how do an engine heat up a huge planet?

dumb analyze, for me there seems to be 3 ways of understanding this

  • every time you enter a planet, to the 10000 time, the planet will get hot?
  • the planet had been heated 10000 times and when you enter it, it gets hot?
  • the planet gets hotter for each time you enter it?

@ITsMe This is not a realistic game :expressionless:

the planet dont get each time hotter i forget to tell

well no, because each time you leave the planet actually will get time to cooldown, also space is like the worst place to conserve heat so yeah. Correct me if i’m wrong about something because i’m just 15 and i have no idea how space thingy work


then guess the 3rd one seems most suitable
topic name is not related though

The heat needed to make an entire planet 1°C more is so enormous that i would takeall players to shoot it with the hottest weapon (Ionblaster) until overheat.
fact: CIU has almost 20k players

We do not know

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