Planet heating idea REMASTERED

Last time explaining my idea was… Let’s just skip it.

So if you enter a planet a lot of times it will become hot
then you’ll overheat faster like the sun.

There is just one teeny tiny problem, how does entering a planet make it hot? Are you releasing some sort of hot gas? Have you ate too much Taco Bell that it became hot? Ohio?


No not your taco bell again… See have you been flying without an engine this whole time?! That’s very WEIRD

I’d imagine if your propulsion system outputted enough heat to, on its own, visibly increase the atmospheric temperature of a planet, it’d likely destroy itself, the spacecraft, you, and probably everything within a large radius as soon as you turned it on.

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That is explained by your weapons if you use the reacter a lot then it heat 2x more than normal



Version specifically made for CIU forum:


Inferno planets shouldn’t hotter than the sun. Because:

  • First: non-physical, anti-scientific
  • Second: if those planets actually hotter than the sun, then they could be exploded

Nice reason.

Also there’s another tiny problem: If entering hot planets continuously made your ship ovh faster + the entire ship becoming hotter, then why was the Heat Shield born?

At least It’s just able to entering hot environment planet only.

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global warming

through unknown means

but seriously though, this idea doesn’t make any sense


With or without the burrito it doesn’t seem to be a good idea. There are penalties when a mission is played too often and they are fair for all pilots.

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