Planet depiction

There’s ſomething that’s been bothering me for a while now about the planets in the galaxy view: the innermoſt layers (i.e. the ſurface) ſeem to move faſter than the outermoſt (i.e. the clouds). I think it would look better the other way round.


Clouds are not connected with surface, so they could fly a little slower than planet itself. In fact some of them should fly like cyclones.

That is true phyſically, but a) in all caſes I’ve ſeen, the ſurface moves faſter, and b) it juſt looks wrong for the ſurface to move faſter than the clouds. On terran planets it looks like the land is floating on the ſea, for example.

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Physically speaking, if there’s no wind then the clouds should slightly lag the planet’s rotation (as @VerMishelb pointed out) . If we assume wind, then planet rotation is virtually irrelevant and clouds can move ever which way.

The trouble is that planets in CIU spin crazy fast (compared to real planets), and clouds going even faster looked very… off. Same with clouds spinning in a different direction than the planet. The underlying model implementation is just too limited for anything to look 100% correct.


Would it be poſſible to ſlow the rotation a bit to make it look ſlightly more natural?

Done. Tried faster spinning clouds, but it just looked as if they were sliding on a marble. They’re still slower (but not as much).