Plan Update #05

Greetings, recruits!

Things here at the UHF headquarters have been slow since a chicken spy infiltrated our defenses and infected most of our staff with a resistant strain of the bird flu. It seems like biological warfare is not beneath our feathered nemeses!

More seriously, thanks to everyone who stood by us during this difficult time and offered us encouraging words! Nevertheless, this incident put things into perspective and highlighted that some things in life (such as life itself) are more important than release dates.

Everything is slowly getting back to normal again but we have definitely lost a lot of ground. The first early access build will sadly not make it in time for September. We apologize for any shattered expectations :frowning: . We’re still doing our best, but from now on we’ll keep our big mouths shut until everything’s done and ready. Effective immediately, the official release schedule is “we won’t know that until it’s already out”.

In the meantime, and to keep things interesting, here’s a preliminary screenshot of the galaxy exploration portion of the game. We’ve purposely kept it low-resolution and vague in order to spark your imagination. Let us know what you think it all means! :slight_smile:


glad to hear you are getting better! good luck with the game, you don’t have to rush it we can wait until christmas!

here is a chicken for you


Don’t worry about time. Think about all things you want and make it maybe not so fast but a good game that will be interesting for people all of ages! We are believe in you!


Wow just wow. This is the perfect chanse this game to attracted new audience players. I hope Chicken Invaders Universe to popularize this amazing franchise. I wish you all the best in working on this game, and in the future why not others. :hugs::baby_chick::hatched_chick::hatching_chick::rooster::rooster::fork_and_knife:

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This looks awesome! You’ve got mail, by the way :smile:

You guys have been doing an amazing job of communicating and keeping us all up to date (we seriously appreciate it), and I have no problem waiting a bit longer for the early access build to release. Thanks for everything, and keep on working to make this game everything you want it to be!

So, on to guessing what everything is!
Left side, going down:

  • Network connection status/options
  • Some sort of practice area, maybe?
  • I’m not sure about this one. Something related to training as well, possibly.
  • Missions
  • Spaceship Customization
  • Inbox, shop, map (I’m pretty confident about these ones, not at all on the rest)

On the bottom are zoom options and a button to take you to the Academy menu, whatever that will be.

Top right is your score, and below that are keys and food items, along with… water and stairs? or, maybe the water is coolant for weapons/engines? I have absolutely no clue what the stairs are though :thinking:

As for the player’s ship, I’m not sure what it’s doing pointed at the star. You’re not supposed to look at the sun, especially not from that close! I’m guessing the Salvificem Mundum building is the academy, or a part of it. I don’t know what that ship(?) to the upper right of the academy is, either. It looks like I’ve got a lot to look forward to!

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Water and stairs could mean fuel and your current level.
The other ship appears to be a heavily modified M-404 PI with smaller weapon pods, different tail wing, different paintjob, and a different engine. It’s there to presumably show off just how much you can change your spaceship.


finally some news! keep going guys because the people knowed…no no no no i said that the PEOPLE KNOWED!!! that you are the BEST!!! :slight_smile:

Chemical warfare infiltration to the staff, huh?
Reminds me of that alternate universe I came across in 2009.

So the rear weapon pods CAN double as jet engines.
Maybe a second pair of metal beams on the rear weapon pods CAN be possible.

I finally see the hero headquarters

Loooks great!!! :+1::+1::+1: but in earth scene why there is no NASA satelite???

I wonder now if you will use a mixed Starbound type space travel. It looks like it could work. Anyways… the thing I care a lot about is jokes and puns. Since it will be the largest game, I hope it will be full of em’ :wink:


The references and puns are a large part of what makes Chicken Invaders Chicken Invaders.

it’s from bowser toast

I would like the indicators and shortcuts to have a “glow” style and not a “flat” one that is the current trend, like the effects of the captures shared by “anotheruser12” in his post “Super massive black hole! Level suggestion”. It’s just my opinion, you see it’s a good job, I look forward to the launch.


OMG I can’t wait for it