Plan Update #02


my bad sorry :blush:


More geömetric levels would be nice too, like ſquare dancing and ſo on from CI3.


Yes,that would be totally great to see again.


That kinda look like The Alien Mothership


Sorry, it could be juſt becauſe I’ve never actually played a multiplayer online game, or maybe I juſt haven’t underſtood ſome of the previous poſts, but I’m confuſed. What does download/disk ſpace have to do with an online game?


is really men ? :grinning:


Comet Chase would be lovely to see again.
Meteor Storm would be nice, too.


The meteor storm is the reason to not have Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time CI3 medal, i dont want a see him again. This levels pisses me off


I actually really like it. At first,it was really bad,but now…I got used to it. In fact,I haven’t died there in quite a while. And besides,chicken square dancing is more likely to ruin your gchoat than meteor storm.


Yea the square dancing too, 1 time click my right button for the rocket and something gets wrong. My mouse button trolled me and i died then the rocket comes out.


Sounds more like an issue with your mouse,and not with the chicken square dancing waves.


Well today i finally did it i need only CI5 GCHOAT medals

Chicken invaders universe ideas

no From C14 when the hero went retro against the Space Invaders Chapter. anyways good crossover for that InterAction Studios :grinning::grinning:

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