Pirate chicken boss

my brother came up with this idea back in 2011. I stole the idea (with his permission). pictures will be available soon. so the idea is like chicken multiplicity where you kill one chicken two takes it’s place. you start out with one massive chicken bigger than anything we have seen. it’s design and fight patterns is based on special forces it shoots cannon balls (rather than grenades) throws cutlass (instead of army knives) and does the laser the first chicken does in multiplicity. then you have two chickens as big as special forces. there fight pattern is they do the laser the first boss does in ultimate omelet and they still shoot cannon balls 2 chickens after the first is killed. then you have the chickens from revenge of the yolk. the patterns is they shoot cannon balls.then twice infinity sized chickens come 2 per CI3 chicken killed. they throw cutlass and do the lasers they did in ultimate omelet. then the chickennauts 4 per twice infinity chicken killed. then normal chickens 4 per chickennaut. then chicks 4 per chicken killed.

Feels like a Chicken Multiplicity reskin with few additional attacks.


that’s because it is with one more thing to destroy and new attacks.