Photon Swarm Colors

According to quantum theory (E=hf and f=c/λ) photons that have bigger wavelenghts should have less energy and if you check the color spectrum red has the maximum wavelength while violet has minimum.
Photons turn blue to orange when we get to max power but considering this theory it should be the opposite.
I think the weapon should change it’s color in order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet when we get powerups and red should deal minimum damage while violet deal maximum (still 150 like original)
And for rebalancing the power levels firerate should be increased a little in lower levels because photons in lower levels will deal less than 100 damage.
And also the giftbox for the weapon can be multicolored like a rainbow or maybe 3 colors like the powerups


Changing giftbox color is bad idea. Agreed with everything except that.

Does anyone really care?