Phone log in bug (for me i think)

So this happened to me today. I wanted to log in on my new phone (rip other one) so , i went on the foum (the home page) and i tap log in , then i put my username but i forgot my password , so i requested a password reset and i went to gmail. There was my message with the password reset link, I am the official owner on my computer but on my phone i needed to log in. So i opened a computer tab with that link they/them send me in gmail. I went and saved the changed the password. I went on my phone again and it said ‘‘username or password wrong’’ when i put the password correct.
Is this a bug? (sorry for disturbing your day , and i’ll acept if its not a bug)
Happy new year and be safe!


Yes, that happened to me

try refreshing the page before adding the password

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