Pea Splitter

(I have to use some sprites from PvZ game to create this weapon so pardon me about this)
Remember Ore Chunk? Ore Chunks - #4 by GgWw1175 Yeah, let’s just scrap that, instead, I have remastered the idea of this but it’s more… well… biologic a bit.

Weapon Name: Pea Splitter
Gift Color:
Pea Splitter (Bad quality srry)

Desc: “A strange gift coming from an alternative universe where the plants and the undeads having a civil war together. While fighting, one of the unfortunate plant found a portal and decided it was a good idea to enter it, but, the time bend has ruined it’s body, resulting them turned into a gift box. This weapon first fire a pea pod then after 2 seconds, they will open themselves and split the peas into the chicken nearby. Not only that, they can also bounce between chickens! Such weird technology from the alternative universe, yet, so powerful…”

Here how the demonstration of how this thing works: (also low budget sorry)

The ship will begin with fire a pea pod into the battlefield.

Then the pea pod will poof, indicating they have opened themselve.

The pea will then split into 3 hitting 3 random chicken in range.

There also a twist of these peas as they can also bounce as well as shown below…

Level Upgrades:
Lv0: Base: Pea Damage: 250/Bounce: 100
Lv1: Pea Damage: 300/Bounce 150
Lv2: Pea Damage: 400/Bounce 175
Lv3: Pea Damage 500/Bounce: 225 and now it’s shoot 4 peas and bounce 2 times instead of 1

Lv4: Pea damage: 650/Bounce: 280
Lv5: Pea Damage: 800/Bounce: 375
Lv6: Pea Damage: 950/Bounce: 460
Lv 7: Pea Damage: 1080/Bounce: 565 and now it’s shoot 5 peas instead of 4 and bounce 3 times now.

Lv8: Pea Damage: 1350/Bounce: 680
Lv 9: Pea Damage: 1675/Bounce: 835
Lv 10: Pea Damage: 1800/Bounce: 1000 (Max bounce damage)
LvMAX: Pea Damage: 2250/Bounce: 1000 and now it’s split into 6 peas instead of 5

-Bounce damage will get reduced by 10% for every bounce, bringing up to 30% damage reduction on bounce.
-The Pod will poof before it hit a chicken, if you attempt to let it go hitting a chicken, it’ll poof immidiately. The Pod deals no damage.

What do you think? Don’t kind about my stats in the pic because I just want a good screenshot.
PS: Weakness and Strength are same as bio weapons!

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i gotchu oversized peashooter


You like peas a lot
can be cool, but complicated as usual

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sound like a cool weapon for braindead weapon

So it’s like corn shotgun but it’s a grenade launcher.
IDK seems kinda weak and niche

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