PE-X Spacecraft Family

Hello recruits.

As you can see, we have a new Family in the making. A spacecraft Family. Say hello to the PE-X family, created by Project Electro Corporation, the new fighter as the Muller was repurposed to become a pizza delivery vehicle**

Our spacecraft was designed after the Sukhoi Su-47 Fighter Jet.

Our spacecraft has some unique and cool features built in them. This including:

  • Dynamic Weapon Pods: The weapon on these spacecraft will constantly spread out or condense (like Utensil Poker), allow you to fire both spread and accumulate power to big punch or something like that. The extra items like spread exander or condenser will only affect their things so no conflictions. They cycle every 3 seocnds like this:

*Black arrows are bullet directions.

  • Funky Stellites Position: Satellites can change its positions mid-battle because we made it to do so. Now you can have them move around as you move around. Currently, only moving up and down will alter these satellite positions.

Now they are good stuff but there are also some downsides.

  • Limited Maneuvering: Yeah, they have that. But the speed is close to unlimited so don’t worry about that. However, Massive environment will still slow them down significantly.

and that’s it, the only downside.

Size and speed: This family is slightly bigger than Muller family but smaller than BX family, making them the second largest family.

Their maneuvering speed is slightly slower than muller but faster than BXs.

In conclusion, this spacecraft is the third place in speed and second place in size.

Price: We don’t have the true price yet but we know it will be the most expensive spacecraft on the market as the minimum price will be approximately 3,700 keys (tax not included) because of the Dynamic Weapon Pods.

And possibly that’s it. What do you think? Overpowered? Overpriced? Let us know.

The whole PE-X family

PE-XVI Spark
Manufacturer: Project Electro Corporation
Model: PE-XVI “Spark”
Role: Primary Fighter
Hardpoints: 4
Satellites: 2
Slots: 15
Features: Dynamic Weapon Pods

PE-XVII Lightning
Manufacturer: Project Electro Corporation
Model: PE-XVII “Lightning”
Role: Primary Fighter
Hardpoints: 5
Satellites: 3
Slots: 16
Features: Katana Holder

PE-XVIII Thunderstorm
Manufacturer: Project Electro Corporation
Model: PE-XVIII “Thunderstorm”
Role: Primary Fighter
Hardpoints: 6
Satellites: 4
Slots: 17
Features: Triple Exhausts

PE-XIX Raiden (CHL)
Manufacturer: Project Electro Corporation
Model: PE-XIX “Raiden”
Role: Primary Fighter
Hardpoints: 7
Satellites: 4
Slots: 18
Features: Complete Control in Lightning (cosmetic only)


So is it between the biggest muller and the smallest bx ship? The ship sizes are only the same for H&C ships. All muller and bx ships have different sizes each, so I think you need to be more precise here.

Also I’m confused by that speed since mullers travel instantly while bx ships travel slow as hell. How can it be slightly slower than the former and slightly faster than the latter when they’re not even close to each other?

As for the other stuff, maybe the ability to reposition satellites could be decent in some very niche situations in competitive missions, but other than that, I dunno how worth it that is. And the dynamic weapon pods won’t really help much. If anything, the game prefers focused weapons in its current state rather than ones that spread, so this might be a downgrade in most cases.

All this stuff makes me feel like these ships definitely shouldn’t cost more than a muller. Hell, mullers themselves might be a little overpriced considering their only benefit over the 1k H&C is 4 satellites which many people don’t even bother to use, so this spaceship family would be as well, especially since its stats are worse than that of a muller’s. Also that 4th ship seems pointless.

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it’s between the M404-PI and the BX-8

to answer this, the speed of this family is 900/875/850/825 (800 to all if massive is present)

Muller 404 is 22px while bx-8 is 30px.
So this thing is 26px? Which is as large as bx-6.

23 25 27 29

odd numbers, yuck

Touhou moment :slight_smile:

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