PC freeze when alt-tabbing

So I’ve had the game opened for long stretches of time in the last few days, and since CIU can be paused at any time, I check on other things and return to the game at random intervals of time. Likely the game isn’t designed for this.

It seems to happen about 1-2% of the time, but I’ve had 3 total PC freezes so far. I pressed the Windows key + number rather than Alt-Tab and the effect is complete computer freeze. Doesn’t respond to anything. I actually muted the music so I don’t know if it keeps playing or not. The only way out is holding down the power button for a few seconds to do a forced shutdown, and that means the possibility of losing data. I don’t know if it’s caused by random hiccups in my graphics card or if it’s something CIU-related as I’ve only had it happen with this game.

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Are you using fullscreen mode? If so, try to switch to borderless. Most alt-tab related bugs in games disappear in this display mode.


Nope, I’m using Borderless. It’s likely some instability on my end, though, I’ve had a completely unwarranted BSOD just after making that post.

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