Pausing the Game displays Mission Codename

Can we make it so that if you pause the game, it displays what is the mission you’re currently playing?
Not really supposed to be helpful, but it’s just more of a little detail for the pause screen.


sorry but i suggested it in direct messages with ia

Suggested or not, if it was done in DMs, how was Doge supposed to know? :thinking:

I mean, we suggest stuff in Discord too but that’s a different story


Yeah, plus Doge has few medals, let’s let him have this one

You know what, both of them should get medals since Doge was unaware of pacman’s idea. Let’s not start another fight here, okay?

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That’s a good idea, let’s wait for iA’s decision

This sounds actually good


On the other hand, it is best to inform this forum the CI discord server (though being unofficial one) since IA is also there. There are actually some, if not many ideas that were added in the game in which they are not on this forum when suggested.


It’s not official, because iA isn’t the owner, but it’s still a cool place, so yeah, we should probably pin it so that everyone can join it

imo only iA owning it would make it official


It doesn’t needed to be owned to be official. Although I’ll take back that statement.


Haha, making irony of yourself.
Anyway, then if IA add it, he should give 2 idea medals then?

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Yes, he should. And don’t even think about restarting the fight, you’ll only sour your reputation.


I have no idea what you are talking about.
On the topic: The whole idea for me its pointless kind of.

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