Partial Payment

Ever dreamt of having your favorite ship but the only problem is that you cannot afford it right now, but probably later?

Introducing: Partial Payment!

How it works: Pay 1/10th of the price, then pay the other parts later, and get your item immediately!

  • Will be more expensive than normal payment by a small amount
  • Cannot be used to purchase contraband and perishables

You can sell them, but it will always be guaranteed to be smaller value than what you paid.

If you do not pay in due time you will have to pay a fee depending how late you are, or else the item will be removed from your inventory if you let the fee go too high.

[This is the worst idea that I ever thought of lol. Will not be surprised if most disagree]

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EDIT: To solve the “no ship” problem that @iIfireIi mentioned, I came up with a solution:
You cannot sell your only fleet equipment if you have not paid enough for the new one. Easy as that!



  1. Have an account with only one spacecraft
  2. Get a spacecraft using this feature
  3. Sell your original spacecraft
  4. Don’t pay the partial payment thing

Leaving you in debt

i should not have removed the part where the game pays it for you and makes your keys negative

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What if you just end up being in dept
You can also do the same with engines, weapons, etc…
Simply replicating my old (first?) hacking experiment.


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