Parallax Scrolling Backgrounds

Hey everyone! I just got another idea.

What about parallax scrolling backgrounds? You basically take, for example, 3 backgrounds, a normal space background without stars and 2 transparent backgrounds with stars repectively. Then you place them over each other (transparent backgrounds in the front) and let them scroll at different speeds. The result looks like this:


As you can see, the background looks more “3 dimensional” and allows more randomness by picking random base and star backgrounds. You could even use galaxies and nebulas as transparent backgrounds. What do you think about it? Is it necessary?

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I believe it was used in CI5, ſo IA already is already aware of / capable of applying it.

Oh my god yes! This has to get into the game! Please @InterAction_studios everything for better visuals.

One conſideration is that it’s actuälly leſs realiſtic, as when you’re flying in ſpace, everything outſide of the ſtar ſyſtem looks fixed.

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