Paid for chicken hunters license

and it is gone. I haven’t had an upgrade or anything and it is gone. Just failed a few screens it seems due to it’s absence.

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How did this happen? Can you explain this more precisely?


I just checked your account and you still have a Chicken Hunter License.

What makes you think it’s gone?


I logged in and was playing the game and it was not in my items on the right of the screen. I clicked on it and it offered it as a purchase. I tried to play some screens that showed the license in the description so I wondered if it not being there affected my playing. It was the only reason I went looking for it.

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no it wants me to pay for it again.

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That became gray. This means you already have this and do not have to more than one.
You have the badge. What can’t you do?


Things like these are still going to appear, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have the license. It also doesn’t “appear on the right of the screen” as it’s not a standard item


And just to add to what MNaeemi said, if you actually try to buy it again, it will tell you this:

“You already own this.”



when its gray it means you bought it

I already said that:

And the issue has been solved.

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It keeps asking me to pay for it.

Try playing some double team mission (the ones with double S as the icon). If it allows you doing so, your license works. Could you show the screenshot of exact moment it asks you to pay again?


Go to messages and select Ironman competition. If the “Fly Ironman” option was colorful (not gray), this means you already have.

I suggest to read Dawid8 post again:


I see now. I still can’t do boo with it except fail missions due to being too hard lol. thanks for responding

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