PacManVietNam going to think again

We know I’m bad. Sorry. I don’t like typing on edit on this topic anymore

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Nooo! Don’t let the peer pressure get you to leave such a wonderful community. Most of the community still loves you, it’s only a select few who hate you. Please don’t leave.

Well, some of your posts were a little bit spammy, I think this is the reason of other flags: someone wanted to stop you in one thread by flagging in others :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Then why did the flagger not tell him about his admittedly spammy nature? They just straight up flagged his posts without any warning. That’s like a cop just straight up firing at a low risk shoplifter without warning him/her first


NOOOO!!! Don’t leave!

dont leave please.

It’s even more illegal to create sockpuppets to counter the punishments given to your main account. Just saying.

Ya know, you could just make friendly posts. Like, “how was your day”.

You’ll get less hate like that, ye?

I think the message “subscribe to Pewdiepie” in his profile might have offended some people.

If this is true, this a tiny drop in the massive lake of sins that T series Fans committed.

no, they not

@trueuser It’s bad form to create multiple alternate accounts (I count 4 already) to circumvent silencing. If you’ve been silenced, you’ve been silenced for a reason. Simply wait until your main account is un-silenced before posting again.