Overheat adjustments & electric chicken

Hello, I only posted one idea earlier, and I felt inspired after playing the game for long enough, so I decided to suggest two new ideas. (I don’t want to create two topics, since the ideas are short)

1st idea:

When you overheat you stop firing till the heat gauge drops again right? So, how about, instead of the heat gauge dropping down, it gives you another red heat guage (customizable by color presets) but, when the red heat gauge appears, you gain heat a lot faster and your fire rate decreases and if you reach the max of the second heat gauge, your spaceship blow up and lose a life.

2nd idea:

Almost every environment has a unique chicken (Chillers for frozen environments and Phoenix chickens for hot environments) and each has a special projectile that has a special effect on you (snowballs slow you down, fireballs overheat you) but, there’s no chicken for electric environments.
So, the idea is: electric chicken and its special attack is lightning bolts (or an electric ball).
Now, the special effect for its attack, is that it unlike snowballs, it paralysis you completely for 2 to 3 seconds.

This one will be nice, since there are no chickens with electrical powers fitting electric environments.

Thanks for reading.


We have slobs, and no environment related to them.
We should have planets made out of shit, where it rains guano everywhere :eyes:


That’d be weird in a disgusting way but it’d have been awesome, just imagine a whole planet made of chicken shit lol

What’s the name for it? :joy:


iIfireIi rewrote this in a more readable fashion in another topic

that was a dm

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Now it was really edited

Chicken poop planet or chicken shit

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I didn’t know that lol

The idea of a second heat gauge sounds pretty weird to me. I can’t really imagine how much faster it would fill up, and with decreased firerate makes overheat not as much of a danger as it was normally. Two bars filling up makes it slow, and the second bar I don’t think many people would even reach. Personally I never overheated in missions. In my opinion, overheating is fine as it is.

For the second idea, I agree, we need an electric chicken. An idea I have for it is not attacking normally, but instead electrocuting you and exploding your shapeship if you get too close. You could make some interesting waves with this.

debuffing the player to make offense a slog, with an added risk of death? AND it doesn’t wear off until you die or use a coolant??? (i assume this is the case, since you didn’t specify)

yeah, no. that’s far too punishing, and makes coolants even more of a thing to rely on

chillers hinder your mobility
phoenixes make you overheat instantly
now, electric bois who do almost the same thing as chillers, just more annoying

perhaps just have them straight up kill the player with these lightning balls instead? since lightning kills you anyway. at least they’ll seem less like a chiller and more like their own thing

I will more prefer for separating gun and laser description with different adds on for upgrading his overheat… that’s gonna fix it! I take example from accumulator which reduces some overheat gained our fire-rates slowly… theirs must something adds on for laser… with different description of course…

Hmm, i like the idea of a “backup” heat gauge on this (imo)

about new heat gauge: The game would be harder with it, but some people will most likely to stop firing when they heard the "beep"or they will install accumulator or they will just bring some coolants
But hey, the idea lookin’ nice

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