Over heat proplem

For me,it’s just like in the older version the over heat not like now…bla.bla.bla…geting to the point:
I ask you to make the slower over heat just like the ion blaster:it’s firerate and damage is good though but now is too fast to over heat!When i play the bullet spray,there are too many chickens to kill and we need to fire fast right?Now fire fast=over heat
On the tangled mess:need to fire fast because is a mess and fire fast=over heat
The only gun that not over heat is the lame Corn Shotgun.Back then it shoots popcorn and shoot very fast NOW it makes good damage however it’s firerate slower and it faster to over heat;-;
I don’t know should i buy a new reactor or just play like nothing just happen…


First of all, you need change the topic category from #site-feedback to #early-access


You can buy a better heatsink to increase your heat capacity to overheat a bit slower

can’t wait to try the new overdrive system

Believe me, I got the best types of heat sinks/reactors/engines and it is still the same with manual firing but they really need to depend on them according to the best type.


Thanks manholding a like button in front of the screen

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