Our solar system idea!

hey @InterAction_studios wthat’s up? :slightly_smiling_face:
I have one question for you…you will introduce our solar system in the game?..if you will I’ve got an idea!!
How about make that a bouns a reward for exploring the entire Universe :imp: someting like an unlockable constellation with all 9 platens the sun and all the galactic stores!!!

This was suggested so many times, stop already! The galaxy have many terran planets like the Earth. There cant be solar system in every CI game. Deal with it.


after all is this the most complete game in the series ??? or not??:nerd_face:

so it’s not just a regular game so deal with it :+1:

That’s the firſt I’ve heard about this. I thought it was a ſpinoff with many more waves and miſſions, but without a ſtoryline, final boſs, or the ſolar ſyſtem.

Um…well,actually…ciu is not a part of the regular series.


It can’t be, because in CIU you aren’t in the Milky Way, you are in another galaxy.