Other waves for Comet Chase

Hi guys
Comet Chase waves are the same waves.
My idea is other waves for comet chase

1 1

This wave has 2 parts:
part 1:

Some very fast comets come from left down.
part 2:

Some very fast comets come from right up.

2 2

Three big comets with short tail come from up:

Then some small comets come from left down , right down and up ,to near the big comets:

And at last they rotate near the big comets:

3 3

A magnetic comet comes from up:

Then some small comets come from down and magnetic comet push them to left with magnetic force:

@InterAction_studios and others what’s your opinion?
I hope you like my ideas :wink:
Thanks for reading. :pray:


In my opinion the comet chase is ok as it is, maybe these new waves could be included in the challenges though


I liked this


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I like the idea, it could make the comet chase a little bit interesting.

And also if this is added i say we should increase the max number of wave to 20 waves (Since it already have more than one diferent wave)


I think the point of comet chase is avoiding them. It’s nonsense if it has any safe zone.

Speedy comet: I think it can be made so that they come from both side simultaneously, but less dense so you can move through the gaps. Rename it to Comet Crossing.

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if it added to CIU that will be interesting and amazing


This wave is actually really fits for Space Race


Like, Magnetic Manipulator in the style of Henlley?


That is a wave not a boss.


I like your idea

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i know, it just looks similar (or maybe, make this wave as a boss)

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i think you tired from making this images Mohammad.as but it is cool ideas

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