"Other Side Closed Connection" upon attempting to buy the license from the steam version

I got back into the game after a long while and would like to support it by buying the license, but encounter this error whenever I attempt to. Is there any way to fix this? I can’t use direct PayPal due to certain restrictions.

This is because Steam doesn’t allow purchases from Iran. See here for a similar issue: Strange bug that happened today in ciu game! - #5 by InterAction_studios


Thank you for your response. That’s a shame, I was hoping I could circumvent this issue as my Steam region is set to elsewhere. Hopefully these restrictions will be lifted in the future.

Does a VPN work?

I’ve used one before, doesn’t seem to work. Looks like Steam goes beyond just looking at your IP address.

using a vpn to buy stuff on steam can get your account banned btw

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