Other side closed connection even in single player mode or multiplayer mode

hello,everyone here.well the issue is:i cannot play ciu not even in single player or multiplayer.it shows other side closed connection.also vpn does not help to be able to play the game with any available country.any help would be appreciated.

check your connection and what is consuming your network power.

I don’t think it only happens to him. I also got it yesterday and today. (Oh btw, my connection is fine)

There’s something wrong with your loadout (the “Mission Config” screen) – essentially you’ve mounted more lives than you have (you’re not to blame – the game screwed up somehow).

This is probably related to the “negative lives” problem. I’ll reset all mission configs in the upcoming update.

As a workaround in the meantime, unmount everything and try again.

Fixed in v.95 :medal_sports: Bug


works fine now.thanks

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