Optimizing the game performance

If I go stream the game, which FPS max rate should I choose? 60 or 120?

I have abſolutely no experiënce in ſtreaming gameplay, but intuïtively I would ſay that that depends on what kind of internet and recording ſoftware you have. Come to think of it, though, the framerate of the recording ſoftware is what effects the ſize of the ſtream, ſo juſt make ſure the game framerate is above that.

So if I set the gameplay framerate to 120fps, and the stream framerate to 30fps, that will be ok, right?

I think the higher the framerate the better.

Might try that one, will try multiple test streams in a short amount of time

60fps is OK if your PC have medium performance. Don’t setting quality over than your PC performance, it will be lagging

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Thank you, mate. And I’m about to stream now, you can check in there and give me some advice in there if you can

Depends on your monitor refresh rate. If it’s 60Hz then there’s no point in using 120 FPS. I always have mine set at 65.

Feel free to tell us your channel?

This is my channel, just done a stream btw so you might not find the CIU video yet. But it will be available later

Thanks, I found it though

Well, I was for the most part experiencing similar problems trying to even PLAY the game.
But now, after reading through this post, it runs much smoother for me. 60 or 65 FPS does the trick perfectly, 120 was a lagfest, heck, sometimes even 100! (There should be an Auto FPS option, IMO)

A tip, if you wanna know how well the game is running, activate “Show FPS” on the Options menu, I had it on to see when was the game lagging.

Doesn’t V-Sync do something similar already (though it limits FPS to the display’s refresh rate)?

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Haven’t really noticed.

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