Opinion on The Yolk Star tm?

  • It’s an easy boss
  • It’s not an easy boss
  • Why this boss exist?
  • It’s hell… please end the suffering…

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  • skill issue
  • all of the above (not below)
  • none of the above (and below)
  • yes

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  • who
  • asked
  • post
  • in
  • chatting
  • place

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who asked chatting in place post

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:+1: funny

  • Yolk star 140% :sunglasses:

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  • Yolk star 140% :pensive:

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  • balls

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Stop being a clown. Most of your replies are just plain spam that doesn’t add anything to the topic, nor related to it. If you think the other way, I’m sorry, but “who asked?”. Chatting place exists for chatting. Chicken invaders category exists for anything chicken invaders related.


Yeah the 7 lasers COULD be extremely tedious to fight sometimes, especially if the terminators are freaking Chickenauts, Toxics/Cowards, and armored chickens all the time

Skill issue
If you don’t like, then try 10 lasers

do you mean dick clark? or the hillary clinton? or the cd’’? or the dlcificator?


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