Only 1 Weapon Medal idea

I think with the name, and the reason you get this medal awarded is enough to explain, yet i do have to… It’s simple, an idea i’ve been thinking of for a while.
“If there is a medal for not picking up firepowers/weapons/powerups… Then why not make a medal that you can get by only using 1 weapon, but you can pick up firepowers!” It has been going up in my head everytime i play a mission. I mean i’m not making a hella hard medal to get, just use 1 weapon and don’t change it at all. For the entire mission. There’s nothing else more for me to explain, the thing is simple.

Here is how i IMAGINE it would be. I don’t have talent at drawing 3D stuff, my laptop sucks.

I have no idea if this has been suggested before, but if it did, i’ll call it a day. Before anything else, YES YOU CAN PICK UP FIREPOWERS.

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that’s gonna discourage people to not use a variety of weapons for the versatile and point-ness.


The game gives you quite a bit of points for switching weapons, so clearly it’s trying to encourage you to switch between them all the time rather than stick to the same one. It would make no sense to have a medal like this


We have a medal about getting no powerups in a stage and one for not using slots. This suggestion is exactly like those: a challenge

Do you aim for those when playing Ironman?

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Not using slots is different, you get no points for using them. It’s nonsense to reward both using them and not doing it.
And yes, the no power-ups in a stage exists, doesn’t mean it should tho.
And I am fairly certain no one would ever go for the no power-ups medal in a mission like ironman.


I understand your point of view but I disagree

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Ahhhh i see

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This is too similar to the no-powerups medal. Which, I might add, is very rarely something players get a points benefit going for (it can be on missions with very short waves, but even then there’s the risk that they’ll end with Shoot the Core or Egg Cannon or anything else that drops a load of powerups).

A no weapon medal is just… one half of the no powerup medal. It would be impossible to get that medal without also getting the one you’re proposing. It seems redundant to me.


If this added in next update,It would gain a more points than points from medal without satellites/special weapons/no death.

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I mean, i know it sounds hella lots like the no powerups medal but it’s alright. I understand your point.


Okay so one thing to note out, i’m seeing that the replies are, fairly disagreeing but i’m not saying i will disagree with them. I’m not saying that YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO Get this medal, it’s just some random thing i came up with, “What if i dont want to change my weapon?” That’s all i’m saying, it’s just like the easier trophies you get from flying easy missions, you get them if you want. I’m not saying anything else, i know this idea is something too simple and people have their reasons to agree/disagree. I’m 100% fine with that, just saying this, it’s an OPTIONAL medal. As an EXTRA challenge. And the point values? Just the same as the “brave or stupid” and “unprepared”. OP-TIO-NAL.


But yeah, if people disagree it’s fine for me, i wont be sad about it. Y’all know what they doing.


…this idea is not great." you didnt have to mention about excuses and self opinions.

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Alright then


I already use one weapon it the purple beam i forgot it’s name

It won’t help people use variety and stick with only one
So when new weapon gets add it will discourage people to use the new weapon and stay with what they have
and ia doesn’t want that

You got a point

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You can lower from a whole day to like an hour


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